Thursday, December 1, 2011

#14: The Guardian- Character Development of Malina


      What should have been the end of my life was actually the beginning. As I laid in a poll of my own blood, I was cold and started to count down the seconds until death washed over me. The night sky never looked to peaceful, like the heavens were opening up to welcome me. I swear I saw the hands of God reach for me.
            He called to me.
            “You have a destiny, Malina…” His voice boomed.
            “But I…I do not want it,” I protested. “I am destined for anything. I do not want to live anymore…for anything.”
            “But you must,” he explained. “You are the key you restoring peace to Earth…”
            “I…” Spellbound and stunned, I could not find the words to respond.
            “Take the opportunity that is given to you, Malina. Choose to live and choose to fight…”
            The peace of the night sky faded and the sky returned to black; my body was still weakened and I could hear my heartbeat slowing. His words sang in my ears.
            “Choose to live and choose to fight…Take the opportunity…”
            What opportunity?
            Suddenly I could hear footsteps. Unsure of the direction they were coming from, I spoke quickly.
            “Who’s there?” My voice trembled and my hands searched for a weapon. “I said…” A smooth, baritone voice interrupted me.
            “I’m here to help.” He said. His footsteps moved closer until I could see his shadow to the left of me.
            I struggled to get a complete view of his face and almost as if he read my mind, he leaned over me. His eyes were luminous emeralds against his caramel skin and his mouth was wide with thin lips.
            “Who are you?’ I asked.
            “A friend…A guardian…Here to help you prepare.”
            “Prepare? Prepare for what?” I questioned. His smile grew larger on his square face and I noticed a set of perfect elongated fangs.
            “The war.”

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