Thursday, December 1, 2011

#21: Monster (Part 3 of Midnight Run)

              My hand caressed the smooth and deep curves of her body and my lips melted against her cool cinnamon flesh. Her brown eyes caught mine and we froze.
            “I thought you were tired,” she giggled.
            “Nope,” I replied and returned my lips to the roundness of her hip. I crawled onto her, gently distributing my weight. She laughed softly.
            “You’re not gonna crush me,” she said. “I am stronger than you.”
            She was right; she had the strength of at least ten football teams’ defensive lines. But her lean frame made you think otherwise; long legs, long torso and curves that drove me insane.
            “I know but I want to make you feel like a woman, not a…” I paused to caress her face, “monster.”
            A tear slid down her face and she spoke softly.
            “You always make me feel like a woman. You’ve never seen the monster in me…”
            It was time. I couldn’t look back; I knew what I wanted to do. I reached under my pillow and smiled. She looked at me, her brow ruffled gently and I smiled.
            “Kelly, I love you.”
            “I love you too, Rich.” Her voice was liquid passion to me. I exhaled slowly. It was now or never.
            “Marry me, Kelly.” I slipped the princess cut solitaire diamond ring on her finger and looked at her.
            “Rich, you can’t.” She stopped and covered her mouth. The tears came faster.
            “I can and I want to Kelly. I love you and I do not want anyone else.”
            “What about the precinct? Your job? You could get kicked off the force if you do this!”
            I knew my consequences; I recognized them the moment I laid eyes on Kelly. Yes, she was dangerous and yes she was a monster but she had a heart and she trusted me. Like me, she knew the risks and didn’t care.
            “Rich…are you sure?”
            “Yes,” I smiled. “You already have forever so I want forever with you.”
            “I will,” she beamed. “Yes.” She exclaimed.

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