Saturday, November 19, 2011

#13: Character Development- Michael Lennox

            A steady trickle of water dropped onto Michael Lennox’s face; his eyes opened quickly and only found darkness. He sat up attempting to let his eyes adjust to the obscure surroundings and physically searching for a door and some light.
            “Hello?”  He called into the gloom. “Can anyone hear me?” His cries were met with silence. Michael’s hands grasped at the walls made of ice cold brick…or cinder.
            No door knobs.
            No handles.
            Just dark despair.
            He searched his brain, playing back his last known memories in an attempt to remember how he ended up trapped in darkness.
            Remember. Remember. He told himself.
            He remembered the humid Haitian air; the friendly woman at the small corner market and he remembered Devin.
            “You’re not from around here?’ Devin had appeared to ask a question but there was no curiosity in his voice. “Come on, let me get you some food.”
            Michael remembered the juicy roasted chicken that he ate and the cold beers that he and Devin enjoyed while talking about the States and his new home. Devin gave him an instant friendship with no questions asked.
            His brain fast forwarded to their post dinner outing; Devin showed him the sights of Port-au- Prince and warned him of the dangers.
            The vampires.
            “This land is sacred,” He told Michael. “This land was given to us and the vampires...they took it over. Killing humans and our brothers. They do not deserve their freedom to walk amongst the humans while we have to live in the shadows.”
            “We?’ Michael repeated. Devin looked at Michael and smiled.
            “Can I trust you, Michael?” He asked.
            “Yeah. I mean yes.”
            “I hope I can,” Devin replied. “Because what I am about to show you and bestow upon you is beyond sacred. And…” he paused. “You have to be willing to change your life and the way you view the world.”
            “I…I’m willing to understand.” Michael said. Devin smiled again.
            “Then let the change begin,” he said. “Michael, the brothers and myself will now be your family. Forever.”
            Something happened. Michael could not remember what happened but somehow it led him to the dark room. Suddenly, he heard sharp scraping over his head.
            “Hello” Michael yelled. “Who’s there” The scraping continued until a small opening appeared. “Who is that?” He called out.
            A man poked his head into the room; Michael tried to read the features of his face but the shadows of the night and the mysterious chamber shrouded them.
            “Welcome brother,” the man said. “It’s almost time to complete the process.”
            “What process?” Michael asked.
            “You’ll see,” he said. “Soon enough.” His head disappeared from the window and Michael could hear his footsteps fade into the distance.
            “Hey! Hey, wait a minute,” he yelled. “Where am I? What process?” He stared up into the night; it was the first ounce of light he had seen in a long time. The sky was cloudless and there was a bright yellow full moon set high in the sky. “Now I remember,” he whispered. “I sold my soul to the devil.”

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