Saturday, November 19, 2011

#13: Character Development- Michael Lennox

            A steady trickle of water dropped onto Michael Lennox’s face; his eyes opened quickly and only found darkness. He sat up attempting to let his eyes adjust to the obscure surroundings and physically searching for a door and some light.
            “Hello?”  He called into the gloom. “Can anyone hear me?” His cries were met with silence. Michael’s hands grasped at the walls made of ice cold brick…or cinder.
            No door knobs.
            No handles.
            Just dark despair.
            He searched his brain, playing back his last known memories in an attempt to remember how he ended up trapped in darkness.
            Remember. Remember. He told himself.
            He remembered the humid Haitian air; the friendly woman at the small corner market and he remembered Devin.
            “You’re not from around here?’ Devin had appeared to ask a question but there was no curiosity in his voice. “Come on, let me get you some food.”
            Michael remembered the juicy roasted chicken that he ate and the cold beers that he and Devin enjoyed while talking about the States and his new home. Devin gave him an instant friendship with no questions asked.
            His brain fast forwarded to their post dinner outing; Devin showed him the sights of Port-au- Prince and warned him of the dangers.
            The vampires.
            “This land is sacred,” He told Michael. “This land was given to us and the vampires...they took it over. Killing humans and our brothers. They do not deserve their freedom to walk amongst the humans while we have to live in the shadows.”
            “We?’ Michael repeated. Devin looked at Michael and smiled.
            “Can I trust you, Michael?” He asked.
            “Yeah. I mean yes.”
            “I hope I can,” Devin replied. “Because what I am about to show you and bestow upon you is beyond sacred. And…” he paused. “You have to be willing to change your life and the way you view the world.”
            “I…I’m willing to understand.” Michael said. Devin smiled again.
            “Then let the change begin,” he said. “Michael, the brothers and myself will now be your family. Forever.”
            Something happened. Michael could not remember what happened but somehow it led him to the dark room. Suddenly, he heard sharp scraping over his head.
            “Hello” Michael yelled. “Who’s there” The scraping continued until a small opening appeared. “Who is that?” He called out.
            A man poked his head into the room; Michael tried to read the features of his face but the shadows of the night and the mysterious chamber shrouded them.
            “Welcome brother,” the man said. “It’s almost time to complete the process.”
            “What process?” Michael asked.
            “You’ll see,” he said. “Soon enough.” His head disappeared from the window and Michael could hear his footsteps fade into the distance.
            “Hey! Hey, wait a minute,” he yelled. “Where am I? What process?” He stared up into the night; it was the first ounce of light he had seen in a long time. The sky was cloudless and there was a bright yellow full moon set high in the sky. “Now I remember,” he whispered. “I sold my soul to the devil.”

#12: Character Development- Nadia DuPont


          Dusk had finally set over the cultural city and she stepped from the shadows. She wrapped herself deeper into her thick, black knit cape and took to the crowded cobblestone streets.  Her raven black curls danced in the wind behind her and her black leather knee high boots echoed through off the brick buildings that surrounded her. She passed a group of men, who craned their heads for a second look.
            “Buona sera belle,” a sandy blonde spoke up. She stopped, looked back at the men and smiled.
            “Buona sera signori,” she grinned. She scanned the group carefully for a potential target.
            There were four men in the group, each one tall, muscular with some shade of blonde hair. The one who greeted her first had frosty green eyes and stepped closer to her and she stepped back. “Lei parla inglese?” She asked quickly.
            “Yes,” the man grinned. His Italian accent was thicker than mud and overflowed with attraction. “My name is Christian,” he took her hand without invite and kissed it.
            “Nadia,” she replied with a soft smile. “Where are you gentlemen headed this evening?”
            “A local bar,” another man spoke up and joined Christian. “Aldo,” he added and kissed her hand. “Would you like to join us?” His accent wasn’t as thick and his English was smooth.
            “If you don’t mind a fifth wheel,” she teased. Christian held out his arm and winked at her.
            “It would be nice,” he said. Nadia linked her arm with his and joined the group of men.
            Each man exchanged a look with one another and Nadia heard their thoughts.
            “Christian knows how to find the good ones.”
            “She looks tough.”
            “Her breasts are mine.”
            Nadia sucked in a breath and smiled. The evening had taken a turn that she had not expected but she lived for the suspense.
            “So what brings you to Italy?” Aldo quizzed. Nadia stared ahead and noticed a dark alley coming on her right.
            “Just sightseeing,” she said. “I’m something of a globetrotter,” she added.
            “A beautiful one,” Christian grinned and applied more force to arm. Nadia took the hint and slipped away.
            “I need to adjust my boot,” she said quickly and turned into the alley. “Give me a second.”
            Nadia stared into the darkness of the alley; her body was motionless and her mind fluttered with pieces of memories.
            “Nadia….run…” her mother’s words came to life. She balled her hands into fist and jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
            “Nadia,” Christian said her name softly. His frosty eyes alleviated as he moved in front of her. “Are you alright?” Nadia shook the nightmare away and looked around. She had ventured further into the alley and the men had followed her. “Nadia?”
            “I’m fine,” she said. “I just need to fix my boot.” She bent over to adjust a buckle and Christian started to chuckle loudly.
            Nadia glanced up at the man as he inched closer to her and jerked her body up.
            “What the hell is wrong with…” she was silenced with a slap to the face that sent her flying against a wall. The impact of her face to the aged brick crumbled a section of the wall. She clutched her face but kept her eyes on Christian. The men behind him laughed and walked in further to watch the action.
            “You little bitch,” Christian said, grabbing her face. “You black bitch…I’m going to kill you!” He added then punched her in the stomach. Nadia’s knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground. She rolled onto her back just as Christian threw another punch which landed in her face.
            Blood filled her mouth and the men’s voice faded as a new sensation came over her. Suddenly Christian squatted down and rested on her stomach. He looked down into her eyes and smiled.
            “Stupid black bitch. You know nothing about us…”
            “Oh yeah?” she replied.
            “Yes. We run this town and we take whatever we want. Right boys?” The men nodded and cheered in agreement as they surrounded her.
            “Let me go…” Nadia said slowly.
            “Let you go,” he teased. “I’m not done with you, bitch.” He ripped away her cape and shredded her silken t-shirt. Christian’s eyes lit up at the unveiling of her sculpted breasts.
            “Let me go or I will kill you.”
            “Kill me?” Christian laughed. “You’re gonna kill me, bitch?  Do you hear this boys?” He laughed louder and the men chimed in with him.
            Nadia’s eyes burned and her mouth was on fire; she smiled slowly to expose her elongated canine teeth. The men’s laughter stopped almost instantly but Christian was still amused.
            “Christian, guarda!” Aldo called. “ Lei รจ un vampiro!” He turned quickly to Nadia, only to find her coming toward him. Her mouth attacked his neck and his blood sprayed from his body.
            In seconds, Nadia drained him to death; she pushed his body off of her and leaped to her feet. She wiped her mouth and studied the remaining men who were huddled together.
            “Who’s next?” She growled. 

#11: Character Development- Nathan DuPont


           It was half past midnight when a soft knock against the door of Nathan DuPont’s poolhouse suite kicked off his evening. He opened his eyes slowly, stared at the door and a large grin spread across his structured face.
            “Come in Stacey,” he called. The door opened and a lengthy brunette stood in the entrance. Her thin lips gleamed with pink lipgloss and her nutmeg brown skin shimmered in the pale glow of the moon.
            “How did you…” she started to ask but bit her bottom lip and giggled when she spotted his canines at the ready. “Oh yeah.”  She stepped into the studio like set, closing the door behind her but never taking her eyes off him. “You been waiting long?”
            “Nope,” he answered, sitting up from his resting position and revealing his molded bare chest and boxer shorts. He glanced up down at himself then at her. “You’re right on time.”
            The woman smiled and joined him at his bed; she pushed herself between his thick legs, placed her hands on her trim hips and looked down at him.
            “I wanted to make sure that I looked my best for you,” she said. Nathan’s eyes swallowed her frame like glass of ice water; she wore black snakeskin pumps, a matching miniskirt that enhanced her thighs and a red silk blouse that barely covered the shape of her perky breasts. Her skin’s luminous glow was upstaged by the pulsating vein in her neck.
            Nathan bit his lip hard.
            “You’re bleeding,” Stacey said softly then leaned in. “Let me get that,” she purred and kissed him. Her warm tongue glided along his lips before making its way into his mouth. Nathan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto the bed.
            He separated himself from the kiss and looked into her eyes. The glow in her skin heightened and her dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the darkness.
            “Nathan, I love you…” He ran his fingers through her thick, dark mane and forced a smile.
            “Stacey,” he sighed. “I love… your optimism,” he said before sinking his teeth into her neck, attacking the throbbing vein that beckoned him. 

#10: Characted Development- Dr. Daniel DuPont


“Code Yellow in the E.R. Code Yellow in the E.R.” a monotone female voice filled the East Wing of St. Pierre-Chaz Hotel and Dr. Daniel DuPont rushed to the Emergency Room. He glanced at his watch.
Thirty minutes until midnight.
 He pushed through the double doors and entered the cramped corridor. A man with a head wound was to the right of him and a woman with a sickly looking baby boy sat at the left as he turned into a chaotic room.
            A small girl lay of the hospital bed, kicking and screaming while a team of three men and two women struggled to hold her down.
            “I’m going to kill you!” the girl cried at the ceiling. “Let me go,” she screamed.
            “Dear God,” Daniel breathed as he watched the girl transform right before his eyes. Her button nose was slowly extending and her nails converted into claws but returned to their human state again.
            “Dr. DuPont she’s transitioning fast. We can’t stop it,” a female nurse explained.
            “Did you give her the extraction?” He asked as he moved further into the room and examined the girl. The nurse nodded and continued to hold down her legs.
            “She’s too strong!” Daniel placed a hand on her balmy forehead, studying her pale face and her eyes he smiled to himself. “What can we do?” the nurse questioned.
            “Let me go,” the girl hissed.
            Her childlike innocence was fading before his eyes; her electric blue eyes faded into a bright yellow and her pupils turned to bleak crescents.
            “Get out,” he said.
            The pack of nurses looked at him but his face did not budge from the girl’s.
            “Dr. DuP….” a nurse started but pursed her lips together when he glanced at her from the side. “Yes sir,” she answered quickly then ushered the team out of the room. He didn’t need to tell anyone to close the doors behind him when he heard the doors close; the girl leaped from the bed and cowered in a corner.
            “Stay back,” she warned him.  Daniel grinned and walked closer to the girl. “I said,”
            “I heard you,” he cut her off. “I can help you.”
            “How?” she asked.
            “I know what you are,” he said. He extended his hand out. “Let me help you.” The girl looked at his hand then back into his eyes. “I won’t bite,” he smiled.
            The girl smiled back then took his hand; Daniel pulled her up slowly. She looked up and sighed.
            “You’re beautiful,” she breathed.  He chuckled softly and caressed her face.
            “So are you,” he said. “A beautiful lone wolf in a world full of vampires.”
            “V-vampires,” she repeated. He smiled again, exposing his long canine teeth and nodded. “But Devin said that I would be safe…if…if I came here,” she explained.
            “You will be safe,” Daniel replied. “Safe from the world that you once knew and the new world you have been brought into.”
            A single tear slid down the girl’s cheek and she shook her head.
            “But you said that you could help me.”
            “I can and I will, little wolf.”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#9: In Public- Character Development of Jay Pharell

        Kat made her way through the large ballroom; she did make a beautiful bride. That in woman knew she had impeccable taste in fashion, food and men.  I was never the jealous type but I was jealous of Kat, always have been…
In public that is.
I kept my eyes on Calvin as he shook hands with the pastor and then his eyes met mine. I sucked in a breath as he held my gaze for what seemed like at least five minutes. He was a delicious treat, like a tall glass of milk in his ivory tailored suit, with matching vest and white tie streaked with cinnamon red. Clean shaven and beaming from ear to ear.
            Boy, that man knew how to put on a show.  He should have gotten an Oscar for his portrayal of a happy newlywed on his wedding day, knowing that less than twelve hours ago he was on the receiving end of a hot and heavy sack match.
            With me.
            Laughing to myself, I cuffed a flute of champagne from the angelic looking busboy when he strolled past me for the fifth time. A man can take a hint, at least I could. I winked at him when he glanced back at me to make sure that I was checking out his ass but quickly scanned the room for Calvin.
            He was inching closer to me, stopping at a table occupied by a group of elderly women wearing large, brightly colored church hats. He laughed with them and their cackles echoed even over the massive bass vibrating from the speakers. Calvin nodded and smiled before dismissing himself with his eyes on me.
            Downing the last of my champagne, I swallowed the flute in one gulp them grinned at him.
            “Congrats, man,” I said then grabbed his hand firmly. He responded with an even firmer handshake then pulled me into his large arms for a brotherly hug.
            Like I said, he knew how to put on a show.
            Calvin held the embrace long enough to whisper in my ear. His breath was hot and gave me a hard on.
            “Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes,” he said. His voice lingered at the base of my ear but he had already detached his hand and his body from mine and walked over to the bathroom. He took one last look at me, raised his eyebrow and slipped into the room.
            It was one of the many things that I loved about Calvin Reese….
            He was so fucking dangerous.

#8: Bull@#$%- Character Development of Taylor Lipton


           It was 5 a.m. when I heard my cell phone vibrate atop my cherry wood nightstand. Jodeci’s “You And I,” blared out of my Android phone and an image of Calvin’s chiseled face filled the large LCD screen. I quickly sat up and answered the phone.
            “This a pleasant surprise,” I grinned.
            “Did I wake you?” His deep voice was smooth and filled with anticipation. I squinted at my alarm clock then decided to answer.
            “No, I was up. What’s going on?”
            “Can I come over?” The smoothness of his voice was replaced with a sudden giddiness than made me smile.
            “Sure. I was just about to grab a cup of coffee and look at some floor plans for the new hotel I’m working on,” I explained. “I could use the company.”
            “Good. Give me twenty minutes,” he said quickly.
            “And what will the wife say?” I sang into the phone.
            “She’s in New York. She’s catering three weddings this weekend.”
            “And the kids,” I asked.
            “At my mother’s. Trust me,” he chuckled. “No one will miss me.”
            “What about your other wife,” I questioned. The silence instantly created a brick wall, Calvin cleared his throat. “You’re at his place aren’t you?”
            “Outside so he doesn’t hear you?”
            “Yes,” he sighed.
            “Why do you waste your time, Calvin?”
            “Taylor, I told you…” he stopped and I started.
            “I know what you told me and I think it’s bullshit. You don’t owe him a thing. So you two fucked in high school! That doesn’t mean that you two need to be sweethearts for life,” I explained. “I told you what I can do for you…your life and even your little fitness center. I’m trying to give you a world…What can a gay accountant give you?”
            Another sigh passed through the phone and I laughed.
            “What?” Calvin quizzed.
            “Nothing. Be here in fifteen minutes or I’m telling Neil ‘no visitors’.”
            “I’ll be there in ten.”
            “Okay. I’ll see you.”
            “Yeah, Calvin?”
            “I love you…” It was my turn to be silent. My heart’s tempo picked up and my mouth went dry.
            “Yeah,  I love you too.” I said then ended the phone call.

#7: Recipe for Disaster- Character Development of Katrina "Kat" Reese

           My caramel sauce was bubbling nicely, my German chocolate cake was cooling and the half a dozen cupcake versions of the cake were baking. I was right on schedule and I loved it. I stepped away from the kitchen to check on CJ and Jackson.
            Jackson had finally passed out in his crib, sucking his thumb and cuddling with his black teddy bear; he looked so peaceful and adorable, I kissed his cheek before covering him up with his favorite royal blue blanket and closed to the door. CJ was sitting on the couch playing with his PSP. The game must have been intense ‘cause he failed to acknowledge me coming into the room.
            “Hey buddy,” I called. He glanced up at me for a second and quickly went back to his game. “What are you playing?”
            “Call of Duty,” he answered, still focused on his game.
            “You have been playing that game for the last hour,” I said, plopping down beside him on the large leather sofa. “Don’t you wanna help me make the frosting for the cupcakes?” I asked.
            His thick eyebrows caved in and he hit the pause button.
            “Can I lick the bowl?”
            “And the spatula” I grinned.
            “Yes!” He set the game down and jumped off the couch. “I’m gonna clean up,” he said then raced to the downstairs bathroom.
            I shut off the game system and headed back to the kitchen. CJ was humming a song to himself as he washed his hands; he was Calvin’s twin. From their brown sugar skin to their chocolaty dark eyes; Calvin even made sure that he and CJ dressed alike too. Dark denim washed jeans, white tees and V-neck sweaters. There was a point in time when CJ hated dressing like that but once he discovered girls, he became obsessed with his image…just like his father.
            To Calvin, image was everything no matter what.
            “Hey Mom,” CJ said as he stepped out of the bathroom.
            “I saw a new peacoat at Macy’s the other day I went with Trey and LeShawn.”
            “Oh really?” I asked. I grabbed a large stainless steel mixing bowl and prepped my mixer. “And…”
            “And I was thinking that it would go great my new black Jordans for the fall.”
            “I see.” I peeked at him and smiled. “How much?”
“Just a hundred and twenty five bucks, Mom.” He picked grabbed a bag of powdered sugar for me.
            “Just that much huh?”
            “Come on, Mom.”
            “We will see,” I said. “Come on, I need to get this frosting started.”
            “Okay.” CJ joined me at the mixer and grabbed a stick of butter. “Mom?”
            “Yeah, honey?”
            “Did Dad come home last night?” He dumped the butter into the bowl and I added a pack of cream cheese and some vanilla extract.
            I swallowed the real answer and smiled.
            “Yeah he did,” I answered. “It was just real late when he came home. He and Uncle Jay went out last night.”
            “Oh okay. What about the other night?” He started the mixer then looked at me.
            “Of course he did, sweetie,” I said. “Why are you concerned with your dad coming home?”
            “ ‘Cause he and Uncle Jay are always together. I feel like he wants to spend more time with him than us…” I forced a smile then pulled him into my arms. I kissed his forehead and looked at him,
            “Now, Calvin James Junior, you know that that is not true. Your father loves you and Jackson so much. He and Uncle Jay have been….busy…”
            Good word choice, I told myself.
            “He’s been busy with starting a new fitness center. He and Uncle Jay just need the time to get it all together. Trust me when I say that he loves his boys very much.”
            “What about you, Mom?” CJ asked quickly. I cocked my head and coincidently, he read my confusion. “Doesn’t Dad love you too?”
            “Of course he does, CJ,” I smiled. I hugged him tight.
            He loves me enough to keep his other life private from family life. 

#6: Imperial Sin- Character Development of Calvin Reese

      I pulled into my personalized parking space in front of the gym, my gym, Imperial Fitness, my first love. Climbing out of the pearl white Escalade, I took a moment to myself. The early sun hit my face softly and the blue sky was cloudless.
            It was another beautiful day.
            The parking lot was pretty packed, just the way I liked it and I could see some of my regulars hitting the treadmills and stationary bikes hard. I walked through the double glass doors and was greeted by Vicki, my receptionist.
            “Morning, Mr. Reese,” she grinned, standing to attention at my arrival. I smiled at her, eyeing her gym attire for the day, a yellow lycra tank top, black lyrca bike shorts and her black hair tied back in a high ponytail. I kept her at the front for the men and she brought in the female clients too. She was a double threat.
            “Hey Vick. Another full house, I see.”
            “Oh yes,” she replied. She glanced at a computer then looked at me. “We had over sixty people in here by eight a.m.,” she explained.
            “Not bad at all. Any new memberships?”
            “Four,” she said. “I signed up two people and Jay signed up two as well.”
            “Jay’s here?” I asked, trying to suppress my eagerness.
            “He’s making a call in your office,” she said.
            “Thanks. I better see what’s up.” I tapped the counter and gave her another smile before walking away.
            My heart raced as I neared closer to my door; I could hear Jay’s baritone voice talking to someone on the phone.
            “You are foolish to ever think that he truly loved you…”
            I opened the door and his dark brown eyes burned into mine. Quickly, he hung up the phone, looked me over not once but twice then advanced to me.
            “You’re late,” he said.
            “I had breakfast with Kat,” I replied. He rolled his eyes then walked to me.
            “Hmm. Well, I hope you saved some room for me,” he grinned, pushing himself against me. His hands grazed my chest then caressed my abs. My manhood stiffened when he lips brushed against my neck. He was my sweetest sin. 

#5: Drunk (Poetry)

I drink the life of others.
            It energizes me.
            I don’t need it to survive…
            It’s pure delight…
            Once I sink my teeth in and that warm liquid fills my mouth.
            I am taken to a whole new place.
            Everything moves in slow motion…
            And everything is sweet.
            As I hear their heartbeats fade…I can hear church bells ringing in my ear.
            Can I have another?
            Make it a double.
            Trust me, I can take it.
            It’s a high for me.
            A euphoria that takes over me.
            This is richer than Baileys.
            More robust than Merlot.
            I love it hot…
            And if I’m desperate then room temperature will do.
            Just a taste of it and I come alive.
            I am invincible…
            Ready to take the world on.
            Just another shot.
            Yes, I can drive.
            I can say no anytime I want.
            But I won’t.
            It’s just too good.
            I never could…
            I never can…
            I’m going to need a driver.
            This blood is just too damn good.

#4: Spike City

          I walked the damp streets, two minutes after midnight. The city always seemed to come alive after the sunset. And when the pencil pushers were safe in their million dollar mansions, dreaming of ways to make even more money, the lower classes and I were on the hunt.
            It was like a whole new world emerged; the pimps were releasing their women like prized cattle and when the cattle strolled, men flocked to them, looking for a good time but the temporary joy only left deep scars. The dealers were posted at every streetlight, promoting your drug of choice. Meth, X, Acid, PCP, you name it, them boys had it.
            And the junkies, they came from the darkest corners to the dimmest lights. Their faces aged by drugs, not life experience. Their eyes lacked the luster that life had once offered them. They would do anything for that next high and I mean anything.
            So where do I fit in? Am I a pencil pusher? No, but I do work hard and money is not my motive. Am I pimp? I’m afraid not, but I have learned much from watching them manage their…employees. Maybe I’m the hooker at the dive bar….Nope. I could never be a slave to money and sex should never be used as a weapon. A junkie? Sorry, I value my life and could not trade it all for a hit of blow.
            Who I am then? I am a lone creature; a woman born into a world of chaos, deception and death. I was sent to Spike City to relieve the pains of the human race. You could call me an angel of death or you could simply call me a vampire…
            These people don’t fear me, because they do not know me, I am not a threat. They let me into their world, share their sins with me and finally, give me the life that they waste. It’s a beautiful disaster, taking their lives and releasing the pains, the ghosts and demons that they have tried so long to suppress.
            Each drop of blood that I take, is a life saved from the torment of this tainted world, this damaged city.
            Maybe I am an angel of death….but you can call me Skye.
            Welcome to Spike City.

#3: Blood (Part 2 of Dangerous)


             I could smell his cologne as he neared closer to me; he had expensive taste from what I could sense of the rich blend of spicy leaves, sandlewood and a touch of vanilla. If I didn’t fear for my life I would have lingered in that moment a little longer. His face was just mere inches from mine when he spoke to me.
            “So beautiful,” he sighed. “I told Ryan it was a mistake to let you go live with the…humans.” His beautiful face shifted when he said the last words; his brow ruffled and the left corner of his mouth curled. “We should have kept you here longer for more observations.” He glanced down at my hands then looked at me again. “For safety precautions,” he said as if reading my mind. “Do you need something to drink?”
            I nodded my head quickly, parted my lips but he placed a thick finger to them and shook his head.
            “Please, save your energy. You will need it,” he said with a smile. He turned away from me and walked over to a corner of the room.
            In my frantic scan of the room, I failed to notice a small bar to the right of me. His large frame shielded me from his activity but I tried to make out what he was doing. He grabbed a tall black bottle from what looked like a wine cooler then poured its contents into something else. A glass no doubt. He turned to me and raised the glass.
            “I think this is just what you need,” he grinned then proceeded to walk to me again. “Here,” he said, delicately placing his hand under my chin, tilting my head back and pouring the contents into my mouth.
            When my tongue met the mysterious liquid, it was warm with a metallic after taste. My brain wanted to reject the drink but my body seemed to welcome it. I swallowed more of the temperate drink and the numbness I felt vanished. I finished the entire glass and he smiled like a satisfied father.
            “Good job,” he beamed. He reached out to wipe my mouth with his fingers then licked them. “Now, how do you feel?”
            Slowly, I opened my mouth to speak.
            “I…” the word came out smoothly. “I feel alright,” I said. “What was that?”
            “Has it been that long?” He chuckled.
            “What do you mean?”
            “Wow,” his chuckled turned to thunderous laughter. “You don’t even remember the taste of blood anymore?”

#2: Temptation


           Her eyes danced like fire tangled in the wind and her hips were just as free as she danced to the drum and bass set. Her raven hair tunneled around her neck and shoulders like a tornado of curls and her full mouth was curved in the perfect u-shape. Watching her was my entertainment.
            “Come on,” she called to me from the distance. “Come dance with me,” she urged and threw her hip at me.
            All I could do was smile and shake my head playfully. She was my last piece of happiness, of life and love.  The quick drums died, the bass mellowed and her body quickly responded to the tempo change. The beats transformed from heavy to soft and her hips made small circles in the air. Her chocolate brown eyes met mine and she motioned for me to join her again.
            Shaking my head again, I watched her sway toward me. I swallowed hard as her scent met me before she did. Her slender fingers ran over my shoulders to my lips.
            “Vincent,” she said my name so delicately and it resonated in my ears like a symphony. She leaned in closer to me. She was intoxicating me.
            The sweet aroma of cherry blossoms, vanilla and blood; she was my weakness. I would give anything to make her mine and she wanted to be mine. She straddled my lap and the music from the band deepened; the bass grew stronger with a string quartet backing it up. A guitar was added to the mix and the drums returned.
            Her eyes came to mine and her hips grinded against me.
            “Vincent,” she said softly. “Here is your chance” she said. She took my arms, wrapped them around her tiny waist and rotated her hips against me. “Take what is yours. Take what I have always wanted to give you.”
            She leaned in to kiss my neck; the warmth of kisses was bolts of lightning through my body. I wrapped arms tighter around her and fell deeper into her scent. My lips grazed her neck and I could feel her body stiffen against mine.
            “Do it…” she begged me. “Vincent please.” My fangs were at the ready, she wanted this and so did I.