Thursday, December 1, 2011

*NEW* #24:Challenge

My best friend Ashley (the photo is her's too) This look inspired this piece. Thanks Ash :)

         His heart be stilled as he was watched her enter the room; her electric blue eyes were an absolute contrast to her luminous, pale skin and baby pink lips. She held a distinct and familiar air about herself as she passed a mass of stuffy attendees; men did double takes and the women joined them, watching her saunter through large ballroom. She clutched her short, black mink coat and silver, jeweled wristlet and made her way to the bar.
            As if on cue, she slipped the mink from her shoulders, revealing more of her delicate porcelain skin draped in a body hugging, asymmetrical dress which reflected her breath taking eyes. Two bartenders approached her; but one quickly bowed his head in defeat while the other mouthed his greeting before taking her order. Her pink lips moved in slow motion as the bartender leaned closer to her.
            He too was smitten.
            He glanced down at his own full high ball glass; he had spent almost an hour nursing the drink while making conversation with random guests and keeping his eyes and ear open but suddenly he threw back the straight liquor, emptying the class. The booze burned his throat and his empty stomach; he promised himself that he would pace himself, after all he was on duty but her magnetism called for another round and an up close and personal view. He pushed through the crowd, keeping his eyes on her. He should have been paying attention to the scenes throughout the room but she was worth the distraction.
            The bartender delivered a martini glass, decorated with a granulated rim and a wide smile. He pushed his way to the bar, landing the perfect position right next to her. She glanced at him as she took a sip and his eyes slowly met hers, “Hi.” He spoke quickly. His greeting was met with a bat of her full lashes and another shock of blue, sending his body into subtle tremors. He blinked to refocus, cleared his throat then flagged down the bartender.  The bartender’s attention was on a row of shot glasses, “Damn, he was just over here.”
            “Let me.” She spoke. Her voice was like velvet, smooth and soft with an underlying tone. She waved at the bartender; he ditched the shot glassed and rushed to her aid.
            “What else can I get for you?”
            “My new friend here will have Bourbon on the rocks.” She said then leaned in closer. The bartender’s smile seeped into his eyes, “And make sure it’s the vintage stuff too. None of the fresh from the store mess.” She grinned.
            The bartender glanced at him; he shrugged and the server looked at her again, “Right away, Miss.”  He took his glass before running away.
            “How did you know I had Bourbon?” He asked. Her glossed lips curled with delight.
            “I have a very keen sense of smell.”
            “You sure do.” He replied, “I’m Sean.” He extended his large hand.
            “Alana.” She took his hand, shaking it firmly, “Pleasure.”
            “Likewise.” He smiled. She returned to her drink as he spoke, “ So what brings you to the Millionaires’ Auction tonight?”
            “A personal piece of art that I have been tracking for years.” She smiled, “Somehow it’s finally made it way to Chicago and when I found out I was excited.”
            “What piece would that be?” She glanced at him over the rim of her martini glass.
            “The Jade Maur pendant.” His eyes doubled, “A prize piece, I know.” She said, replying to a statement that he had yet to ask.
            “That is a very sought after relic.”
            “I know. It’s very dear to my family.” She smiled half heartedly.
            “You know, I read that that pendant was used to summon…”
            “Xavier Luxor, the infamous vampire sire.” She finished.
            “You know your supernatural history.”
            “Something like that.” She said. She finished her martini then spoke again, “And what brings you here, Sean?”
            “I’m here on business.”
            “Oh? And what do you do for a living?”
            “You could call me an appraiser.” He replied with a grin.
            “An appraiser…” she repeated the words, letting them drip from her tongue, “You’re lying. You’re a hunter.”
            “How do you know?” He managed.
            “Because, I’m your prey…”


  1. I have goosebumps. Like seriously I just read this 3 times! I am flattered to be an inspiration for something you wrote! <3

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really want to add more, so I will be working on a part two for sure and where it goes ;)Thanks for reading.....over and over again!