Wednesday, December 7, 2011

*NEW* #26: An Intruder (Part 3 of Crimson Kiss)

            After meeting Alana, I couldn’t sleep that night; she was all I could think about and suddenly all that I wanted to know about. Her iced blue eyes, that perfect pink pout and the lack of evident fangs were sending my brain into a whirlwind. She carried elegance about her when she spoke, when she moved, nothing could tarnish her but she was doing a great job at blemishing my train of thought. So instead of going home, I stopped at the Bureau to gather more research on my seductive target.
            The Bureau is my second home, stationed just minutes from the city; we’re disguised as a former division of the Department of Health and Human Services. The wrought iron gates and aged stone building surely kept people away, not to mention we weren’t listed in phonebooks or anywhere on the internet. Hell, not even Google Maps could locate us.
            After completing my usual retina, fingerprint and voice verification at the front gates, they opened slowly and I drove in. I heard the thick gates close behind me and four, armed guards took their positions again. There was always comfort in my heart when I saw the ultraviolet tips of their automatic guns shine in my rearview mirror.  I was in the safest haven possible.
            The Bureau was secured twenty-four seven , with a team of over a thousand men, not only trained in various forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat, but the supernatural arts too. They spent eighteen months training to handle the various likes of vampires, werewolves and the occasional hybrid. They learned how to communicate with witches and use them to the best of their abilities to help communicate and track the dangerous ones. These men knew how to take down the strongest of beasts.
            At least that is what I was told when I first started here six months ago.
            I pulled in underneath a covered garage, threw my car into park and waited. In seconds, the ground shifted under me and initiating my descent; the ride down was a short and dark, lasting under a minute. The elevator came to a mechanical halt in a cave like parking area. More guards secured the basement while a tuxedo clad man greeted me at my driver’s side door. He immediately opened the door. “Hey Ron.” I said.
            “Mr. Blake.” He said, bowing at the waist as I climbed out, “What brings you here so late in the evening.”
            “Couldn’t sleep I said.” Ron nodded before he climbed into the driver seat, closed the door and rolled the car off the stationary platform. I watched him turn into the parking garage then passed two guards as I exited the dark cave and entered a bright corridor.
            The hallway was sterile with steel flooring and matching walls. Cameras stationed overhead, lined the ceiling every five feet or so. Fluorescent lighting buzzed softly along with their ultraviolet screens. The steel was for the wolves, thick, reinforced with layers of Kevlar and gunmetal and the ultraviolet was for the vampires; it was the next best thing to the sun, especially with the majority of our headquarters being underground, away from a drop of sunlight, we needed something to protect us. But despite all the fortification, I never felt safe and I didn’t dare reveal that to the others.
            My quick footsteps echoed through the hall as I made another turn down a new hall. I stopped in front of a double reinforced steep door, performed more DNA verification before the door slid open to reveal our offices.
            Behind all the steel and ultraviolet rays, our offices were rather primitive. Basic office desks, a larger office for the Captain, simple leather office chairs, vending machines, a break room, three interrogation rooms and tons of file cabinets. The only high tech features of our office were the computers; the state of the art electronics were touch screen with DNA verification and detection systems. They were fast, accurate and very expensive.
            I glanced around the office for signs of other night owls but all the desks were vacant and the room was still. I was normally the only one who stayed late but on a night life this, I was hoping for some company. I started for my desk when I heard something shatter; I plucked my gun from my holster. Instinct. I heard the sound of shuffling glass and footsteps coming from our break room. I clicked off the safety as I moved closer to the room. Short, clicking footfalls reverberated from the linoleum flooring of the room and I felt my body get tense.
            Why didn’t the guards catch the security breach? Was this some kind of super vamp or prehistoric werewolf with the ability to surpass the strongest of force fields and security? Or was it a deadly hybrid hell bent on fulfilling their bloodlust? I wasn’t sure but the closer I moved toward the break room, the sooner I realized I had no choice but to find out.

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