Thursday, December 1, 2011

#23: The Stick Up (Part 5 of Midnight Run)

           Kelly and I had just finished walking downtown; the air was cool and the sweet aroma of rain hung in the air. A full moon was shrouded by a mass of dark clouds taunting the evening with slivers of light.
            “I love nights like this,” Kelly beamed and rested her head against my shoulder. Her cool skin felt like chilled silk against my hands and the alluring scent of lavender followed her.
            “Yeah me too.”
            “Did you tell Max?” she asked.
            “Of course, He said congrats too.” I stopped and looked at her. I held her face in my hands; never had a seen beauty so unrefined. We there in silence but I knew that she was reading my thoughts.
            “What’s the good news?” she asked, breaking our silence.
            “You blocked out the answer?” I grinned.
            “Sometimes, I like acting human,” she smiled. “So what’s the good news?”
            “Well, I have decided to start my own PI firm. I turn in my badge on Friday.” Kelly’s dark eyes glistened in the darkness.
            “Really?” I nodded and she threw her arms around me. “Rich, we are so excited for you.” She whispered. I held her tight but loosened my grip when my brain reprocessed the information. I pulled Kelly away and looked at her.
            “Did you say ‘we’?”
            “Yes, Rich….” She took my hands and placed them on her stomach. “We…”
            “We…baby…you’re pregnant?”
            “Yes!” It was my turn to jump for joy. I lifted her slim frame from the sidewalk. “I’m gonna be a dad!”
            “Congrats,” a low voice growled. “Now give me your wallet and the lady’s purse too.”
            Quickly I set Kelly down and turned to the growling figure. I didn’t meet the body but instead, I was starting down the barrel of an automatic weapon. 

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