Thursday, December 1, 2011

#22: Marked (Part 4 of Midnight Run)


             I drew my guns quickly. It was an instinct when I saw fangs; she raised her arms.
            “Don’t move,” I ordered.
            “I didn’t call you here to hurt you,” she said. “Max told me that you could help me.” The softness in her voice made me lower my weapon. “Can you help me?” Her voice held doubt. More than likely, my sudden actions made her doubt out meeting.
            “I’m not a cop anymore.”
            “Max said that you were a PI,” she countered.
            “Something like that,” I mumbled. I holstered my gun and looked back at her.
            “He also told me about your loss…” her head bowed. “I’m sorry.”
            “You…you knew her?” She nodded slowly then raised her head. “How did you know her?”
            “She was my mother, my mentor and my maker.” A flash of lightening split the dark sky, followed by a round of thunder that shook the entire graveyard.
            “She..she made you?” I stammered
            “When?” The question flew from my lips before I could stop it but she giggled softly.
            “It was before you,” she said.
            “How do you know?”
            “She never mentioned you. Besides it was over forty years ago,” she explained. “When Max told me that you were her fiancé-“
            “Husband!” I corrected. “I was her husband.”
            “Again, I’m sorry. She was never for this life but she couldn’t help the way that she was born. She had so much love.”
            “I still love her,” I confessed to the entire graveyard and a complete stranger. She looked directly into my eyes and stepped closer to me.
            “You believe she’s still alive.” She stated.
            “What…” I trailed off.
            “I can see it in your eyes and I can feel your heart from here. You believe that she is still out there somewhere.”
            “Possibly. I think…” A hard cough interrupted me. Suddenly I doubled over; my stomach twisted as if a fire was set ablaze within. The coughing grew worse.
            “Are you okay?” she asked. I waved my hand at her as I struggled to find my breath. She ran to my side and knelt down in front of me. She reached for my forehead but jerked her hand back.
            “You are on fire.” She exclaimed. “What’s wrong with you?”
            “I…I…don’t know,” I said. “My skin is burning.” I clawed at my chest feverously. Everything inside me was rearranging itself. I could feel it. My heart felt enlarged, my rib cage stretched and my blood pumped faster.
            “Something wrong,” she said. She pulled my jacket off and ripped away my shirt. “Oh my God!” She gasped and fell while she tried to run away from me. “The markings. You have the markings….”

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