Thursday, December 1, 2011

#16: The Mission (Part 3 of Dangerous)

      My guard fed me another glass of blood; I devoured the metallic fluid and my body tingled. Something had come over my entire being and strength was restoring. After half way through my third glass, I studied my guard.
            His skin was flawless and almost translucent, his dark amber eyes blazed under the dim lighting, they met mine and he smiled. I needed answers and he appeared to be the right man for my questions.
            “Where am I?” I asked.
            “Safe,” he answered. “Finish your glass,” he added. He tilted the glass to my lips but I rejected the offer.
            “Where am I?” I repeated. “Please tell me that much.” He bowed his head.
            “You’re safe. You’re home,” he smiled. “I’m happy that you’re home, Blake.”That was the first time he had said my name. Something in my memory started to unscramble. “You were always my favorite as opposed to your sister Bridget.”
            Bridget. My sister. A piece of my memory started to uncover. Bridget and I were identical. She was the evil one and I…there was something about me that was different from her but I could not remember.
            “Where is Bridget?” My guard swallowed hard.
            “We don’t know but I know that she is alive. We are just so happy that we have you here and you’re safe.”
            “If I’m safe…why the restraints?” I asked, motioning to the silken robes binding my hands.
            “Those are for my safety,” he answered quickly. “You were always more dangerous than Bridget,” he grinned. “That could explain the animosity between you two,”
            Another piece came together. Bridget and I were intelligent but Bridget was ready to rule the world and I was ready to work with humans.
            “Why should we care about the humans, Blake?” She asked me once. “They don’t care for us, so why should we care for them?” Bridget was the ruthless but I was merciful.
            “How dangerous?” I inquired and went to work on the silk ropes.
            “You killed your first family when you were seven,” he smirked.
            “And Bridget?” I asked.
            “She was late bloomer. Bridget slaughtered her first family at ten and she was messy about it.” He chuckled. “Your father insisted that I keep an eye on the both of you.”
            “So how did you lose track of us?” I asked.  My guard looked away and sighed. His shame was evident.
            “Bridget lured you away,” he said softly. “Your father knew how much Bridget despised you and he feared that she killed you.”
            I remembered everything.
            “She always thought that your father favored you over her.”
            “Well your father believed that you had more patience than Bridget. She did not want to learn how important the humans were, all she wanted to do was kill.”
            “Can I get another glass of blood?” I asked. My guard smiled and rose to his feet.
            “Of course,” he smiled. He walked to the bar and I went back to work on the ropes.  “Oh Blake, I am so glad that we found you. Your father will be so pleased to see you. If only we could have tracked down Bridget. I’m sure she’s on a killing spree right now.”
            I droned out his voice as my brain scanned the pieces of the memory that had returned.
            “He never loved you…humans will never accept you. Your sister’s death will ignite the war…Bridget, please don’t do this…Kill her.”
            The ropes snapped and I stood up. My guard turned, holding a full glass of blood and dropped it.
            “B-Blake…” I shook my head slowly.
            “Guess again, Luke.”

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