Thursday, December 1, 2011

#18: Full Moon (Poetry)

Full moon
I surrender
I lay down before you
For you are my alarm
Waking the sinister side of me
You shine down on my skin
And my transformation begins
When a quiet man
Becomes a ravenous beast
When a modest woman
Is recreated as a lustful vixen
Full moon
I surrender
Full moon
You tempt me
You unleash the animal within
For you are my drug
Coursing through my veins
And I feel you bring me to life
My soft skin becomes rough and laced with fur
My eyes no longer see the everyday lies
I see the dangerous truths
Full moon
You tempt me
Full moon
I bow to you
I give you my present life
In return for immortality
That reconnects me to nature
I’ll defend your light
And protect your world
I’ll heed your call
And preserve my kind
Full moon
You set me free.

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