Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out Sick :(

Hello all!

I know it's been a week since I posted a blend (new or old) and I apologize for that! I have been ill since Tuesday and it seems to be getting worse and worse :( 

I hope to be getting back to writing and blogging tomorrow or this all depends but please know that I have not forgotten you all. 

And I am working on a new short story too which I might post on here as well too. I will keep you posted on its progress and the next phase for my novel, The Gray Ones.

Stay blessed all!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

*NEW* #28: If You Love Me

      “Do you celebrate Christmas?” He asked me as we stared at an old U.S. National Archives Christmas poster. I studied the smiling Santa, the altered American flag and took in all the emotions that flooded the exhibit that early December evening. I glanced at him, his face reading his eagerness for me to answer the question, “Do you?”
            “I haven’t in years.” I confessed. “Haven’t had any family to share the time with so there has been no reason for me to ring in the holidays like you humans do.” I added before drifting away from the poster and him.
            “Do you remember you…” he paused, “Human life?”
            “I try to forget it.” I replied dryly. “There’s no need to think about the past when I have forever ahead of me.” He frowned at my statement and moved closer to me until I could his muscle plated chest against mine. His large hand caressed my chin; I closed my eyes, savoring the warmth of his flesh as it comforted my icy skin.
            “You know, you could have a family again.” He whispered. “You and me, we could start a….”
            “No, we can’t.” I interrupted.
            “Why not?” He asked.
            “Haven’t we talked about this before, Sam? I’m not taking your life.”
            “Why? It’s not your life to rule, it’s mine.” His voice held a child like tone and his dark brown eyes were heavy with questions. I suddenly appreciated the unusual gift of not being able to read his mind as well as others. If I could, I would have answered all of them at once. “Chanel, you know I want this.”
            “And why would you want this? Why the hell would you want to be a monster, Sam?”
            “You’re not a monster, Nel.” He touched my face again and I could my body reacting to his touch but before I allowed myself to give in, I snapped away. “Nel, I love you.”
            “And I love you, Sam. But I’m not going to take your life to fulfill my own.”  Sam created a gap between us, his eyes low and his demeanor deflated.
            “If you loved me…you would.” He stated.

*NEW* #27: The Best I Ever Had (Part I)

            I should have told her the truth.
            Had I told her the truth then maybe I wouldn’t be alone. I sat in the silence of my home, body aching to be fed but mind made up. I would rather starve than take another life.
            But even the silence was haunting me; as I saw in the still darkness, the outside world continued to press on and in my home, her spirit moved throughout it. I could hear her voice. “I love you….I want you….I need you.”
            I should have told her the truth. If I had, she might still be here.

            I met her on a late Monday night; a young woman she was, leaving work late and trusting in her city that she could walk the next eight blocks undisturbed. She passed me when I stepped from a small Italian eatery; looking more like a local than a monster she paid me no mind. I watched her turn onto a quiet street, sprinkled with a few street lights.
            Her scent overpowered anything else that hung in the air and her blood flow was rhythmic and alluring. Never had such a sound filled human life the way it did her. I was cautious to follow her, planning to pounce on her and devour her musical lifesource. She was like the Pied Piper and I the mouse, I would follow her to the end of time just to taste her and see if the rhythm would carry on through me. But as I followed her, intoxicated by her harmonic liquid life, I listened to her thoughts.
            This young woman was a raw soul and a restless one, unable to find her place in the sun, “Maybe I should have just done the report for him.” She spoke to herself internally. “I’m such an idiot.” Her self loathing was disturbing and unsettling. I started to wonder how a woman with such a confident walk, bold and beautiful features be so broken inside?
            By the time she reached the second block, I picked up some new scents; it was vile, strong and reeked of cheap liquor. Two men emerged from an unseen alley, blocking my view of her and ignoring my presence. They quickly made an attempt to catch up to her. She sensed their arrival too; her blood pumped faster and her heels went into overdrive. “Hey miss, where are you headed?” One of the goons asked. She opted to ignore them and keep her quick stride. Mentally she was focusing on her safe haven while I moved faster too.
            I heard their thoughts. They were dirty, sinister and pure evil. They had a plan and they were going to do whatever it took to follow through. They were going to kill her. 

*NEW* #26: An Intruder (Part 3 of Crimson Kiss)

            After meeting Alana, I couldn’t sleep that night; she was all I could think about and suddenly all that I wanted to know about. Her iced blue eyes, that perfect pink pout and the lack of evident fangs were sending my brain into a whirlwind. She carried elegance about her when she spoke, when she moved, nothing could tarnish her but she was doing a great job at blemishing my train of thought. So instead of going home, I stopped at the Bureau to gather more research on my seductive target.
            The Bureau is my second home, stationed just minutes from the city; we’re disguised as a former division of the Department of Health and Human Services. The wrought iron gates and aged stone building surely kept people away, not to mention we weren’t listed in phonebooks or anywhere on the internet. Hell, not even Google Maps could locate us.
            After completing my usual retina, fingerprint and voice verification at the front gates, they opened slowly and I drove in. I heard the thick gates close behind me and four, armed guards took their positions again. There was always comfort in my heart when I saw the ultraviolet tips of their automatic guns shine in my rearview mirror.  I was in the safest haven possible.
            The Bureau was secured twenty-four seven , with a team of over a thousand men, not only trained in various forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat, but the supernatural arts too. They spent eighteen months training to handle the various likes of vampires, werewolves and the occasional hybrid. They learned how to communicate with witches and use them to the best of their abilities to help communicate and track the dangerous ones. These men knew how to take down the strongest of beasts.
            At least that is what I was told when I first started here six months ago.
            I pulled in underneath a covered garage, threw my car into park and waited. In seconds, the ground shifted under me and initiating my descent; the ride down was a short and dark, lasting under a minute. The elevator came to a mechanical halt in a cave like parking area. More guards secured the basement while a tuxedo clad man greeted me at my driver’s side door. He immediately opened the door. “Hey Ron.” I said.
            “Mr. Blake.” He said, bowing at the waist as I climbed out, “What brings you here so late in the evening.”
            “Couldn’t sleep I said.” Ron nodded before he climbed into the driver seat, closed the door and rolled the car off the stationary platform. I watched him turn into the parking garage then passed two guards as I exited the dark cave and entered a bright corridor.
            The hallway was sterile with steel flooring and matching walls. Cameras stationed overhead, lined the ceiling every five feet or so. Fluorescent lighting buzzed softly along with their ultraviolet screens. The steel was for the wolves, thick, reinforced with layers of Kevlar and gunmetal and the ultraviolet was for the vampires; it was the next best thing to the sun, especially with the majority of our headquarters being underground, away from a drop of sunlight, we needed something to protect us. But despite all the fortification, I never felt safe and I didn’t dare reveal that to the others.
            My quick footsteps echoed through the hall as I made another turn down a new hall. I stopped in front of a double reinforced steep door, performed more DNA verification before the door slid open to reveal our offices.
            Behind all the steel and ultraviolet rays, our offices were rather primitive. Basic office desks, a larger office for the Captain, simple leather office chairs, vending machines, a break room, three interrogation rooms and tons of file cabinets. The only high tech features of our office were the computers; the state of the art electronics were touch screen with DNA verification and detection systems. They were fast, accurate and very expensive.
            I glanced around the office for signs of other night owls but all the desks were vacant and the room was still. I was normally the only one who stayed late but on a night life this, I was hoping for some company. I started for my desk when I heard something shatter; I plucked my gun from my holster. Instinct. I heard the sound of shuffling glass and footsteps coming from our break room. I clicked off the safety as I moved closer to the room. Short, clicking footfalls reverberated from the linoleum flooring of the room and I felt my body get tense.
            Why didn’t the guards catch the security breach? Was this some kind of super vamp or prehistoric werewolf with the ability to surpass the strongest of force fields and security? Or was it a deadly hybrid hell bent on fulfilling their bloodlust? I wasn’t sure but the closer I moved toward the break room, the sooner I realized I had no choice but to find out.

Friday, December 2, 2011

*NEW* #25: Enemy Lines (Part 2 of Crimson Kiss)

          The bartender arrived with my Bourbon on the rocks before I could reply to Alana’s remark, “Here you are.” He said then disappeared again. Without hesitation I downed the Bourbon, damn near choking on the ice cubes and almost throwing the liquor back up.
            Vintage Bourbon packs a serious punch.
            I cleared my raw throat as I watched the delight reach her eyes; either she was amused by my inexperience with supernatural beings or my inexperience with top of the line liquor. Either way, her joy was attractive and magnetic “What? You didn’t think I made you out to be a Hunter?”
            “How do you know about the Hunters?” I asked. She just smiled at me. “I…” I stopped myself, unable to find the words to bring together what my brain was trying to hash out. I had to be dreaming, maybe not. Her blue eyes danced before me like stars.
            “You must be new to the game.” She said.
            “No. W-why would you think that?”
            She smirked at me, “You’re lying again.” I bowed my head; she was reading me like a best seller and I couldn’t stop her. So much for supernatural shields; I made a mental note to speak with Sarina when I returned back to The Bureau, “It’s okay.” She smiled, “I see things have not changed at The Bureau.”
            “The Bureau.” I repeated.
            “The agency known for tracking, killing and even experimenting on supernatural beings like myself. And of course they always send the new ones on missions like this, thinking they’re gonna break them in the easy way.” I failed to notice the bartender had dropped off another deep red martini to her and I watched her indulge in the mystery cocktail.
            No doubt it was blood.
            “What’s the easy way?” I blurted. Her arched brows rose.
            “Damn you’re practically green.” She joked. She fumbled around her wristlet as she laughed softly to herself. She opened the small purse and pulled out a business card, “I think it’s best that we not cross enemy lines any further here.” She said then slipped me the card along the edge of the polished wood countertop, “Meet me here tomorrow night, nine p.m.” She tapped the card with her perfectly manicured nail.
            Of course they matched her lip color.
            “Tell them you have an appointment.” She stated before she stood up and slipped her mink back on, “Come alone….and unarmed.” She added before she sauntered away.
            I watched her walk away slowly; she was beautiful, sexy and dangerous.
            She was my target, my mission and my prize.
            She said that she didn’t want to cross enemy lines but I feared that that line was demolished.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

*NEW* #24:Challenge

My best friend Ashley (the photo is her's too) This look inspired this piece. Thanks Ash :)

         His heart be stilled as he was watched her enter the room; her electric blue eyes were an absolute contrast to her luminous, pale skin and baby pink lips. She held a distinct and familiar air about herself as she passed a mass of stuffy attendees; men did double takes and the women joined them, watching her saunter through large ballroom. She clutched her short, black mink coat and silver, jeweled wristlet and made her way to the bar.
            As if on cue, she slipped the mink from her shoulders, revealing more of her delicate porcelain skin draped in a body hugging, asymmetrical dress which reflected her breath taking eyes. Two bartenders approached her; but one quickly bowed his head in defeat while the other mouthed his greeting before taking her order. Her pink lips moved in slow motion as the bartender leaned closer to her.
            He too was smitten.
            He glanced down at his own full high ball glass; he had spent almost an hour nursing the drink while making conversation with random guests and keeping his eyes and ear open but suddenly he threw back the straight liquor, emptying the class. The booze burned his throat and his empty stomach; he promised himself that he would pace himself, after all he was on duty but her magnetism called for another round and an up close and personal view. He pushed through the crowd, keeping his eyes on her. He should have been paying attention to the scenes throughout the room but she was worth the distraction.
            The bartender delivered a martini glass, decorated with a granulated rim and a wide smile. He pushed his way to the bar, landing the perfect position right next to her. She glanced at him as she took a sip and his eyes slowly met hers, “Hi.” He spoke quickly. His greeting was met with a bat of her full lashes and another shock of blue, sending his body into subtle tremors. He blinked to refocus, cleared his throat then flagged down the bartender.  The bartender’s attention was on a row of shot glasses, “Damn, he was just over here.”
            “Let me.” She spoke. Her voice was like velvet, smooth and soft with an underlying tone. She waved at the bartender; he ditched the shot glassed and rushed to her aid.
            “What else can I get for you?”
            “My new friend here will have Bourbon on the rocks.” She said then leaned in closer. The bartender’s smile seeped into his eyes, “And make sure it’s the vintage stuff too. None of the fresh from the store mess.” She grinned.
            The bartender glanced at him; he shrugged and the server looked at her again, “Right away, Miss.”  He took his glass before running away.
            “How did you know I had Bourbon?” He asked. Her glossed lips curled with delight.
            “I have a very keen sense of smell.”
            “You sure do.” He replied, “I’m Sean.” He extended his large hand.
            “Alana.” She took his hand, shaking it firmly, “Pleasure.”
            “Likewise.” He smiled. She returned to her drink as he spoke, “ So what brings you to the Millionaires’ Auction tonight?”
            “A personal piece of art that I have been tracking for years.” She smiled, “Somehow it’s finally made it way to Chicago and when I found out I was excited.”
            “What piece would that be?” She glanced at him over the rim of her martini glass.
            “The Jade Maur pendant.” His eyes doubled, “A prize piece, I know.” She said, replying to a statement that he had yet to ask.
            “That is a very sought after relic.”
            “I know. It’s very dear to my family.” She smiled half heartedly.
            “You know, I read that that pendant was used to summon…”
            “Xavier Luxor, the infamous vampire sire.” She finished.
            “You know your supernatural history.”
            “Something like that.” She said. She finished her martini then spoke again, “And what brings you here, Sean?”
            “I’m here on business.”
            “Oh? And what do you do for a living?”
            “You could call me an appraiser.” He replied with a grin.
            “An appraiser…” she repeated the words, letting them drip from her tongue, “You’re lying. You’re a hunter.”
            “How do you know?” He managed.
            “Because, I’m your prey…”

#23: The Stick Up (Part 5 of Midnight Run)

           Kelly and I had just finished walking downtown; the air was cool and the sweet aroma of rain hung in the air. A full moon was shrouded by a mass of dark clouds taunting the evening with slivers of light.
            “I love nights like this,” Kelly beamed and rested her head against my shoulder. Her cool skin felt like chilled silk against my hands and the alluring scent of lavender followed her.
            “Yeah me too.”
            “Did you tell Max?” she asked.
            “Of course, He said congrats too.” I stopped and looked at her. I held her face in my hands; never had a seen beauty so unrefined. We there in silence but I knew that she was reading my thoughts.
            “What’s the good news?” she asked, breaking our silence.
            “You blocked out the answer?” I grinned.
            “Sometimes, I like acting human,” she smiled. “So what’s the good news?”
            “Well, I have decided to start my own PI firm. I turn in my badge on Friday.” Kelly’s dark eyes glistened in the darkness.
            “Really?” I nodded and she threw her arms around me. “Rich, we are so excited for you.” She whispered. I held her tight but loosened my grip when my brain reprocessed the information. I pulled Kelly away and looked at her.
            “Did you say ‘we’?”
            “Yes, Rich….” She took my hands and placed them on her stomach. “We…”
            “We…baby…you’re pregnant?”
            “Yes!” It was my turn to jump for joy. I lifted her slim frame from the sidewalk. “I’m gonna be a dad!”
            “Congrats,” a low voice growled. “Now give me your wallet and the lady’s purse too.”
            Quickly I set Kelly down and turned to the growling figure. I didn’t meet the body but instead, I was starting down the barrel of an automatic weapon. 

#22: Marked (Part 4 of Midnight Run)


             I drew my guns quickly. It was an instinct when I saw fangs; she raised her arms.
            “Don’t move,” I ordered.
            “I didn’t call you here to hurt you,” she said. “Max told me that you could help me.” The softness in her voice made me lower my weapon. “Can you help me?” Her voice held doubt. More than likely, my sudden actions made her doubt out meeting.
            “I’m not a cop anymore.”
            “Max said that you were a PI,” she countered.
            “Something like that,” I mumbled. I holstered my gun and looked back at her.
            “He also told me about your loss…” her head bowed. “I’m sorry.”
            “You…you knew her?” She nodded slowly then raised her head. “How did you know her?”
            “She was my mother, my mentor and my maker.” A flash of lightening split the dark sky, followed by a round of thunder that shook the entire graveyard.
            “She..she made you?” I stammered
            “When?” The question flew from my lips before I could stop it but she giggled softly.
            “It was before you,” she said.
            “How do you know?”
            “She never mentioned you. Besides it was over forty years ago,” she explained. “When Max told me that you were her fiancĂ©-“
            “Husband!” I corrected. “I was her husband.”
            “Again, I’m sorry. She was never for this life but she couldn’t help the way that she was born. She had so much love.”
            “I still love her,” I confessed to the entire graveyard and a complete stranger. She looked directly into my eyes and stepped closer to me.
            “You believe she’s still alive.” She stated.
            “What…” I trailed off.
            “I can see it in your eyes and I can feel your heart from here. You believe that she is still out there somewhere.”
            “Possibly. I think…” A hard cough interrupted me. Suddenly I doubled over; my stomach twisted as if a fire was set ablaze within. The coughing grew worse.
            “Are you okay?” she asked. I waved my hand at her as I struggled to find my breath. She ran to my side and knelt down in front of me. She reached for my forehead but jerked her hand back.
            “You are on fire.” She exclaimed. “What’s wrong with you?”
            “I…I…don’t know,” I said. “My skin is burning.” I clawed at my chest feverously. Everything inside me was rearranging itself. I could feel it. My heart felt enlarged, my rib cage stretched and my blood pumped faster.
            “Something wrong,” she said. She pulled my jacket off and ripped away my shirt. “Oh my God!” She gasped and fell while she tried to run away from me. “The markings. You have the markings….”

#21: Monster (Part 3 of Midnight Run)

              My hand caressed the smooth and deep curves of her body and my lips melted against her cool cinnamon flesh. Her brown eyes caught mine and we froze.
            “I thought you were tired,” she giggled.
            “Nope,” I replied and returned my lips to the roundness of her hip. I crawled onto her, gently distributing my weight. She laughed softly.
            “You’re not gonna crush me,” she said. “I am stronger than you.”
            She was right; she had the strength of at least ten football teams’ defensive lines. But her lean frame made you think otherwise; long legs, long torso and curves that drove me insane.
            “I know but I want to make you feel like a woman, not a…” I paused to caress her face, “monster.”
            A tear slid down her face and she spoke softly.
            “You always make me feel like a woman. You’ve never seen the monster in me…”
            It was time. I couldn’t look back; I knew what I wanted to do. I reached under my pillow and smiled. She looked at me, her brow ruffled gently and I smiled.
            “Kelly, I love you.”
            “I love you too, Rich.” Her voice was liquid passion to me. I exhaled slowly. It was now or never.
            “Marry me, Kelly.” I slipped the princess cut solitaire diamond ring on her finger and looked at her.
            “Rich, you can’t.” She stopped and covered her mouth. The tears came faster.
            “I can and I want to Kelly. I love you and I do not want anyone else.”
            “What about the precinct? Your job? You could get kicked off the force if you do this!”
            I knew my consequences; I recognized them the moment I laid eyes on Kelly. Yes, she was dangerous and yes she was a monster but she had a heart and she trusted me. Like me, she knew the risks and didn’t care.
            “Rich…are you sure?”
            “Yes,” I smiled. “You already have forever so I want forever with you.”
            “I will,” she beamed. “Yes.” She exclaimed.

#20: A Job (Part 2 of Midnight Run)

       It was just ten minutes after midnight when Max strolled into Lake’s Diner. He leaned over the long counter, planting a kiss on Mama Lake’s cheek; her round face flushed bright red and her southern giggle traveled through the near empty urban diner.
            “I’ll be right ova there,” she said to Max as he made his way toward me. I nodded in response to her statement and watched Max join me at the distant booth.
            “Sorry I’m late,” he said. He peeled off his black leather jacket and tucked his badge into his white polo shirt.
            Whatever he came for, it was off the radar and possible personal.
            “You’re always late,” I pointed out.
            “You got me there,” he chuckled. As promised, Mama Lake made her way to our table; she held a fresh pot of coffee and the smile on her face was a combination of comfort and innocence. She was the reason why I kept coming to diner for the last twenty years and her innocence was why I had been away for the last eight months.
            “You takin’ the regular stuff, unlike your friend here, Max?” She asked.
            “Fill me up, Mama.” He said, raising his small, white ceramic mug. Mama Lake filled his cup then looked at me.
            “More decaf, Richie?” I shook my head; I was still stomaching my current cup. “It’s good to see ya, Richie.” She added with a shirt sigh.
            “Thanks Mama.” I fiddled with my spoon and dodged all the eye contact directed at me.
            “Well,” Mama cleared her throat and smiled harder, “will you boys be havin’ the usual tonight?”
            “Yes ma’am,” we replied. Mama Lake grinned at us then swayed away.
            “She’s right, you know,” Max said. “It is good to see you.”
            “What do you need?” The pleasantries were getting to me and the longer I stayed in public, the more I ached. The more the thirst called to me.
            Max crossed his arms on the table, surveyed the area then leaned in closer to me.
            “I got a case for you…”
            “I don’t do that anymore.” I retorted.
            “You should take this case.”
            “I told you…”
            “She knew Kelly…” Max interrupted. 

#19: Silhouette

          With a heart as heavy as the rain that fell, I stepped into the bleak graveyard. The cool rain soothed my boiling flesh but within I was lost. I walked the vacant aisle, scanning the vast memorial plots.
            Here lies…
            Rest in Peace…
            In loving memory…
            Death was an inevitable feat…for some.
            I made a right down another aisle, my heart pounded. I was getting closer. Max said that I would find everything I needed if I went to the graveyard.
            “This better not be a bullshit goose chase,” I warned him the other night when he sat across from me at Lake’s Diner.
            “I’m not, Richie. Trust me. She’ll be there. She wants answers. She wants closure.”
            Sutured lies and triple by passed truths.
            Closure was a bitch.
            Another right and I made out her slender silhouette. She held a black umbrella that shielded her face from me but I could still make out her bright yellow eyes. I patted my hip and sighed when the cool chill of my snub nose revolver grazed my finger tips.
            “I didn’t think that you would show up,” she said. Her voice was soft as velvet and there was a heavy dose of relief in it. “Thank you,” she added.
            “It’s my job,” I answered. “Max told me that you needed my help.” She moved closer to me; she was accustomed to the darkness. She walked toward me effortlessly and her features came in clearer.
            Flawless brown skin.
            High cheekbones.
            Long legs.
            Thick thighs, wide hips.
            Golden eyes.
            And white fangs.

#18: Full Moon (Poetry)

Full moon
I surrender
I lay down before you
For you are my alarm
Waking the sinister side of me
You shine down on my skin
And my transformation begins
When a quiet man
Becomes a ravenous beast
When a modest woman
Is recreated as a lustful vixen
Full moon
I surrender
Full moon
You tempt me
You unleash the animal within
For you are my drug
Coursing through my veins
And I feel you bring me to life
My soft skin becomes rough and laced with fur
My eyes no longer see the everyday lies
I see the dangerous truths
Full moon
You tempt me
Full moon
I bow to you
I give you my present life
In return for immortality
That reconnects me to nature
I’ll defend your light
And protect your world
I’ll heed your call
And preserve my kind
Full moon
You set me free.

#17: Again

It was a race against time and everyone was against me. My feet pounded against the icy pavement and my heart was ready to reject itself from my chest. The moon followed me; I could feel the face of God looking down on me.
“Forgive me, Father.” I said aloud. “I know I have sinned…but I am a monster. I can’t stop.” Finally, I saw the massive clearing of the wood line; a part of me sighed with relief but when I saw his dark silhouette, another part of me wanted to turn and run away from him…Again.
He shouldn’t have come.
I warned him.
He was always so stubborn.
I loved him so.
I slowed down but kept my ears and body alert. I didn’t know who or what would be watching us. He smiled at me from our short distance; his hands were in the pockets of his black hoodie and his dark eyes sparkled even in darkness. He started to walk toward me.
“Stay where you are,” I warned him. He stopped, keeping his eyes on me. The sparkle in his eye faded and he stared at me blankly.
“Trace…” he called.
“Please,” I begged. “Don’t make this harder than it already is,” I said.
“Tracey, please…” he stopped and chewed on his bottom lip.
“Why are you here?”
“I needed to see you.” He answered quickly.
“Drew, it’s not safe for you…or me.”
“Then why did you come when I asked you to?” He questioned. He knew the answer.
And so did I. But I also knew what was at stake if I stayed any longer.
His life and possibly mine.
“I came to say goodbye.” I finally replied.
“Goodbye?” He repeated. “Tracey, you can’t…”
“This is for the best,” I interjected.
“The best? What?”
“Yes it is...”
“No it’s not, Tracey and you know that!” He bellowed. “I will not let you leave me…again.” I had no response for Drew’s final words but my heart did. “If you go…then I go.” He said boldly. 

#16: The Mission (Part 3 of Dangerous)

      My guard fed me another glass of blood; I devoured the metallic fluid and my body tingled. Something had come over my entire being and strength was restoring. After half way through my third glass, I studied my guard.
            His skin was flawless and almost translucent, his dark amber eyes blazed under the dim lighting, they met mine and he smiled. I needed answers and he appeared to be the right man for my questions.
            “Where am I?” I asked.
            “Safe,” he answered. “Finish your glass,” he added. He tilted the glass to my lips but I rejected the offer.
            “Where am I?” I repeated. “Please tell me that much.” He bowed his head.
            “You’re safe. You’re home,” he smiled. “I’m happy that you’re home, Blake.”That was the first time he had said my name. Something in my memory started to unscramble. “You were always my favorite as opposed to your sister Bridget.”
            Bridget. My sister. A piece of my memory started to uncover. Bridget and I were identical. She was the evil one and I…there was something about me that was different from her but I could not remember.
            “Where is Bridget?” My guard swallowed hard.
            “We don’t know but I know that she is alive. We are just so happy that we have you here and you’re safe.”
            “If I’m safe…why the restraints?” I asked, motioning to the silken robes binding my hands.
            “Those are for my safety,” he answered quickly. “You were always more dangerous than Bridget,” he grinned. “That could explain the animosity between you two,”
            Another piece came together. Bridget and I were intelligent but Bridget was ready to rule the world and I was ready to work with humans.
            “Why should we care about the humans, Blake?” She asked me once. “They don’t care for us, so why should we care for them?” Bridget was the ruthless but I was merciful.
            “How dangerous?” I inquired and went to work on the silk ropes.
            “You killed your first family when you were seven,” he smirked.
            “And Bridget?” I asked.
            “She was late bloomer. Bridget slaughtered her first family at ten and she was messy about it.” He chuckled. “Your father insisted that I keep an eye on the both of you.”
            “So how did you lose track of us?” I asked.  My guard looked away and sighed. His shame was evident.
            “Bridget lured you away,” he said softly. “Your father knew how much Bridget despised you and he feared that she killed you.”
            I remembered everything.
            “She always thought that your father favored you over her.”
            “Well your father believed that you had more patience than Bridget. She did not want to learn how important the humans were, all she wanted to do was kill.”
            “Can I get another glass of blood?” I asked. My guard smiled and rose to his feet.
            “Of course,” he smiled. He walked to the bar and I went back to work on the ropes.  “Oh Blake, I am so glad that we found you. Your father will be so pleased to see you. If only we could have tracked down Bridget. I’m sure she’s on a killing spree right now.”
            I droned out his voice as my brain scanned the pieces of the memory that had returned.
            “He never loved you…humans will never accept you. Your sister’s death will ignite the war…Bridget, please don’t do this…Kill her.”
            The ropes snapped and I stood up. My guard turned, holding a full glass of blood and dropped it.
            “B-Blake…” I shook my head slowly.
            “Guess again, Luke.”