Thursday, December 1, 2011

#15: Spiritual Warfare (Poetry)

On a mission
With no map.
I’ll use the guidance from above
My purpose
My destiny
I shall seek with no questions asked
There was a time
When I wanted answers
And I believed that it was just luck
The lucky…
Business man
Nope. Not anymore
Pull back the shield
Strip away the false lights
And bring forth the truth
We are put here for reasons
Unknown and deserved
And we argue…
We argue death
When we should celebrate loved ones return home
We argue debt
When we should value the little things
We argue bad relationships of the past
When we should appreciate the love we have
We let negativity spread
Like a virus
And it dwells
When we should fight it
We cannot become immune
We need to fight the disease
The negativity
The stress
I revoke you with the power of three
The might Trinity
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I walk with you and fight with you
In this war. 

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