Friday, December 2, 2011

*NEW* #25: Enemy Lines (Part 2 of Crimson Kiss)

          The bartender arrived with my Bourbon on the rocks before I could reply to Alana’s remark, “Here you are.” He said then disappeared again. Without hesitation I downed the Bourbon, damn near choking on the ice cubes and almost throwing the liquor back up.
            Vintage Bourbon packs a serious punch.
            I cleared my raw throat as I watched the delight reach her eyes; either she was amused by my inexperience with supernatural beings or my inexperience with top of the line liquor. Either way, her joy was attractive and magnetic “What? You didn’t think I made you out to be a Hunter?”
            “How do you know about the Hunters?” I asked. She just smiled at me. “I…” I stopped myself, unable to find the words to bring together what my brain was trying to hash out. I had to be dreaming, maybe not. Her blue eyes danced before me like stars.
            “You must be new to the game.” She said.
            “No. W-why would you think that?”
            She smirked at me, “You’re lying again.” I bowed my head; she was reading me like a best seller and I couldn’t stop her. So much for supernatural shields; I made a mental note to speak with Sarina when I returned back to The Bureau, “It’s okay.” She smiled, “I see things have not changed at The Bureau.”
            “The Bureau.” I repeated.
            “The agency known for tracking, killing and even experimenting on supernatural beings like myself. And of course they always send the new ones on missions like this, thinking they’re gonna break them in the easy way.” I failed to notice the bartender had dropped off another deep red martini to her and I watched her indulge in the mystery cocktail.
            No doubt it was blood.
            “What’s the easy way?” I blurted. Her arched brows rose.
            “Damn you’re practically green.” She joked. She fumbled around her wristlet as she laughed softly to herself. She opened the small purse and pulled out a business card, “I think it’s best that we not cross enemy lines any further here.” She said then slipped me the card along the edge of the polished wood countertop, “Meet me here tomorrow night, nine p.m.” She tapped the card with her perfectly manicured nail.
            Of course they matched her lip color.
            “Tell them you have an appointment.” She stated before she stood up and slipped her mink back on, “Come alone….and unarmed.” She added before she sauntered away.
            I watched her walk away slowly; she was beautiful, sexy and dangerous.
            She was my target, my mission and my prize.
            She said that she didn’t want to cross enemy lines but I feared that that line was demolished.

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