Thursday, December 1, 2011

#19: Silhouette

          With a heart as heavy as the rain that fell, I stepped into the bleak graveyard. The cool rain soothed my boiling flesh but within I was lost. I walked the vacant aisle, scanning the vast memorial plots.
            Here lies…
            Rest in Peace…
            In loving memory…
            Death was an inevitable feat…for some.
            I made a right down another aisle, my heart pounded. I was getting closer. Max said that I would find everything I needed if I went to the graveyard.
            “This better not be a bullshit goose chase,” I warned him the other night when he sat across from me at Lake’s Diner.
            “I’m not, Richie. Trust me. She’ll be there. She wants answers. She wants closure.”
            Sutured lies and triple by passed truths.
            Closure was a bitch.
            Another right and I made out her slender silhouette. She held a black umbrella that shielded her face from me but I could still make out her bright yellow eyes. I patted my hip and sighed when the cool chill of my snub nose revolver grazed my finger tips.
            “I didn’t think that you would show up,” she said. Her voice was soft as velvet and there was a heavy dose of relief in it. “Thank you,” she added.
            “It’s my job,” I answered. “Max told me that you needed my help.” She moved closer to me; she was accustomed to the darkness. She walked toward me effortlessly and her features came in clearer.
            Flawless brown skin.
            High cheekbones.
            Long legs.
            Thick thighs, wide hips.
            Golden eyes.
            And white fangs.

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