Saturday, November 19, 2011

#11: Character Development- Nathan DuPont


           It was half past midnight when a soft knock against the door of Nathan DuPont’s poolhouse suite kicked off his evening. He opened his eyes slowly, stared at the door and a large grin spread across his structured face.
            “Come in Stacey,” he called. The door opened and a lengthy brunette stood in the entrance. Her thin lips gleamed with pink lipgloss and her nutmeg brown skin shimmered in the pale glow of the moon.
            “How did you…” she started to ask but bit her bottom lip and giggled when she spotted his canines at the ready. “Oh yeah.”  She stepped into the studio like set, closing the door behind her but never taking her eyes off him. “You been waiting long?”
            “Nope,” he answered, sitting up from his resting position and revealing his molded bare chest and boxer shorts. He glanced up down at himself then at her. “You’re right on time.”
            The woman smiled and joined him at his bed; she pushed herself between his thick legs, placed her hands on her trim hips and looked down at him.
            “I wanted to make sure that I looked my best for you,” she said. Nathan’s eyes swallowed her frame like glass of ice water; she wore black snakeskin pumps, a matching miniskirt that enhanced her thighs and a red silk blouse that barely covered the shape of her perky breasts. Her skin’s luminous glow was upstaged by the pulsating vein in her neck.
            Nathan bit his lip hard.
            “You’re bleeding,” Stacey said softly then leaned in. “Let me get that,” she purred and kissed him. Her warm tongue glided along his lips before making its way into his mouth. Nathan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto the bed.
            He separated himself from the kiss and looked into her eyes. The glow in her skin heightened and her dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the darkness.
            “Nathan, I love you…” He ran his fingers through her thick, dark mane and forced a smile.
            “Stacey,” he sighed. “I love… your optimism,” he said before sinking his teeth into her neck, attacking the throbbing vein that beckoned him. 

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