Thursday, November 17, 2011

#9: In Public- Character Development of Jay Pharell

        Kat made her way through the large ballroom; she did make a beautiful bride. That in woman knew she had impeccable taste in fashion, food and men.  I was never the jealous type but I was jealous of Kat, always have been…
In public that is.
I kept my eyes on Calvin as he shook hands with the pastor and then his eyes met mine. I sucked in a breath as he held my gaze for what seemed like at least five minutes. He was a delicious treat, like a tall glass of milk in his ivory tailored suit, with matching vest and white tie streaked with cinnamon red. Clean shaven and beaming from ear to ear.
            Boy, that man knew how to put on a show.  He should have gotten an Oscar for his portrayal of a happy newlywed on his wedding day, knowing that less than twelve hours ago he was on the receiving end of a hot and heavy sack match.
            With me.
            Laughing to myself, I cuffed a flute of champagne from the angelic looking busboy when he strolled past me for the fifth time. A man can take a hint, at least I could. I winked at him when he glanced back at me to make sure that I was checking out his ass but quickly scanned the room for Calvin.
            He was inching closer to me, stopping at a table occupied by a group of elderly women wearing large, brightly colored church hats. He laughed with them and their cackles echoed even over the massive bass vibrating from the speakers. Calvin nodded and smiled before dismissing himself with his eyes on me.
            Downing the last of my champagne, I swallowed the flute in one gulp them grinned at him.
            “Congrats, man,” I said then grabbed his hand firmly. He responded with an even firmer handshake then pulled me into his large arms for a brotherly hug.
            Like I said, he knew how to put on a show.
            Calvin held the embrace long enough to whisper in my ear. His breath was hot and gave me a hard on.
            “Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes,” he said. His voice lingered at the base of my ear but he had already detached his hand and his body from mine and walked over to the bathroom. He took one last look at me, raised his eyebrow and slipped into the room.
            It was one of the many things that I loved about Calvin Reese….
            He was so fucking dangerous.

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