Thursday, November 17, 2011

#2: Temptation


           Her eyes danced like fire tangled in the wind and her hips were just as free as she danced to the drum and bass set. Her raven hair tunneled around her neck and shoulders like a tornado of curls and her full mouth was curved in the perfect u-shape. Watching her was my entertainment.
            “Come on,” she called to me from the distance. “Come dance with me,” she urged and threw her hip at me.
            All I could do was smile and shake my head playfully. She was my last piece of happiness, of life and love.  The quick drums died, the bass mellowed and her body quickly responded to the tempo change. The beats transformed from heavy to soft and her hips made small circles in the air. Her chocolate brown eyes met mine and she motioned for me to join her again.
            Shaking my head again, I watched her sway toward me. I swallowed hard as her scent met me before she did. Her slender fingers ran over my shoulders to my lips.
            “Vincent,” she said my name so delicately and it resonated in my ears like a symphony. She leaned in closer to me. She was intoxicating me.
            The sweet aroma of cherry blossoms, vanilla and blood; she was my weakness. I would give anything to make her mine and she wanted to be mine. She straddled my lap and the music from the band deepened; the bass grew stronger with a string quartet backing it up. A guitar was added to the mix and the drums returned.
            Her eyes came to mine and her hips grinded against me.
            “Vincent,” she said softly. “Here is your chance” she said. She took my arms, wrapped them around her tiny waist and rotated her hips against me. “Take what is yours. Take what I have always wanted to give you.”
            She leaned in to kiss my neck; the warmth of kisses was bolts of lightning through my body. I wrapped arms tighter around her and fell deeper into her scent. My lips grazed her neck and I could feel her body stiffen against mine.
            “Do it…” she begged me. “Vincent please.” My fangs were at the ready, she wanted this and so did I.

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