Saturday, November 19, 2011

#12: Character Development- Nadia DuPont


          Dusk had finally set over the cultural city and she stepped from the shadows. She wrapped herself deeper into her thick, black knit cape and took to the crowded cobblestone streets.  Her raven black curls danced in the wind behind her and her black leather knee high boots echoed through off the brick buildings that surrounded her. She passed a group of men, who craned their heads for a second look.
            “Buona sera belle,” a sandy blonde spoke up. She stopped, looked back at the men and smiled.
            “Buona sera signori,” she grinned. She scanned the group carefully for a potential target.
            There were four men in the group, each one tall, muscular with some shade of blonde hair. The one who greeted her first had frosty green eyes and stepped closer to her and she stepped back. “Lei parla inglese?” She asked quickly.
            “Yes,” the man grinned. His Italian accent was thicker than mud and overflowed with attraction. “My name is Christian,” he took her hand without invite and kissed it.
            “Nadia,” she replied with a soft smile. “Where are you gentlemen headed this evening?”
            “A local bar,” another man spoke up and joined Christian. “Aldo,” he added and kissed her hand. “Would you like to join us?” His accent wasn’t as thick and his English was smooth.
            “If you don’t mind a fifth wheel,” she teased. Christian held out his arm and winked at her.
            “It would be nice,” he said. Nadia linked her arm with his and joined the group of men.
            Each man exchanged a look with one another and Nadia heard their thoughts.
            “Christian knows how to find the good ones.”
            “She looks tough.”
            “Her breasts are mine.”
            Nadia sucked in a breath and smiled. The evening had taken a turn that she had not expected but she lived for the suspense.
            “So what brings you to Italy?” Aldo quizzed. Nadia stared ahead and noticed a dark alley coming on her right.
            “Just sightseeing,” she said. “I’m something of a globetrotter,” she added.
            “A beautiful one,” Christian grinned and applied more force to arm. Nadia took the hint and slipped away.
            “I need to adjust my boot,” she said quickly and turned into the alley. “Give me a second.”
            Nadia stared into the darkness of the alley; her body was motionless and her mind fluttered with pieces of memories.
            “Nadia….run…” her mother’s words came to life. She balled her hands into fist and jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
            “Nadia,” Christian said her name softly. His frosty eyes alleviated as he moved in front of her. “Are you alright?” Nadia shook the nightmare away and looked around. She had ventured further into the alley and the men had followed her. “Nadia?”
            “I’m fine,” she said. “I just need to fix my boot.” She bent over to adjust a buckle and Christian started to chuckle loudly.
            Nadia glanced up at the man as he inched closer to her and jerked her body up.
            “What the hell is wrong with…” she was silenced with a slap to the face that sent her flying against a wall. The impact of her face to the aged brick crumbled a section of the wall. She clutched her face but kept her eyes on Christian. The men behind him laughed and walked in further to watch the action.
            “You little bitch,” Christian said, grabbing her face. “You black bitch…I’m going to kill you!” He added then punched her in the stomach. Nadia’s knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground. She rolled onto her back just as Christian threw another punch which landed in her face.
            Blood filled her mouth and the men’s voice faded as a new sensation came over her. Suddenly Christian squatted down and rested on her stomach. He looked down into her eyes and smiled.
            “Stupid black bitch. You know nothing about us…”
            “Oh yeah?” she replied.
            “Yes. We run this town and we take whatever we want. Right boys?” The men nodded and cheered in agreement as they surrounded her.
            “Let me go…” Nadia said slowly.
            “Let you go,” he teased. “I’m not done with you, bitch.” He ripped away her cape and shredded her silken t-shirt. Christian’s eyes lit up at the unveiling of her sculpted breasts.
            “Let me go or I will kill you.”
            “Kill me?” Christian laughed. “You’re gonna kill me, bitch?  Do you hear this boys?” He laughed louder and the men chimed in with him.
            Nadia’s eyes burned and her mouth was on fire; she smiled slowly to expose her elongated canine teeth. The men’s laughter stopped almost instantly but Christian was still amused.
            “Christian, guarda!” Aldo called. “ Lei è un vampiro!” He turned quickly to Nadia, only to find her coming toward him. Her mouth attacked his neck and his blood sprayed from his body.
            In seconds, Nadia drained him to death; she pushed his body off of her and leaped to her feet. She wiped her mouth and studied the remaining men who were huddled together.
            “Who’s next?” She growled. 

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