Saturday, November 19, 2011

#10: Characted Development- Dr. Daniel DuPont


“Code Yellow in the E.R. Code Yellow in the E.R.” a monotone female voice filled the East Wing of St. Pierre-Chaz Hotel and Dr. Daniel DuPont rushed to the Emergency Room. He glanced at his watch.
Thirty minutes until midnight.
 He pushed through the double doors and entered the cramped corridor. A man with a head wound was to the right of him and a woman with a sickly looking baby boy sat at the left as he turned into a chaotic room.
            A small girl lay of the hospital bed, kicking and screaming while a team of three men and two women struggled to hold her down.
            “I’m going to kill you!” the girl cried at the ceiling. “Let me go,” she screamed.
            “Dear God,” Daniel breathed as he watched the girl transform right before his eyes. Her button nose was slowly extending and her nails converted into claws but returned to their human state again.
            “Dr. DuPont she’s transitioning fast. We can’t stop it,” a female nurse explained.
            “Did you give her the extraction?” He asked as he moved further into the room and examined the girl. The nurse nodded and continued to hold down her legs.
            “She’s too strong!” Daniel placed a hand on her balmy forehead, studying her pale face and her eyes he smiled to himself. “What can we do?” the nurse questioned.
            “Let me go,” the girl hissed.
            Her childlike innocence was fading before his eyes; her electric blue eyes faded into a bright yellow and her pupils turned to bleak crescents.
            “Get out,” he said.
            The pack of nurses looked at him but his face did not budge from the girl’s.
            “Dr. DuP….” a nurse started but pursed her lips together when he glanced at her from the side. “Yes sir,” she answered quickly then ushered the team out of the room. He didn’t need to tell anyone to close the doors behind him when he heard the doors close; the girl leaped from the bed and cowered in a corner.
            “Stay back,” she warned him.  Daniel grinned and walked closer to the girl. “I said,”
            “I heard you,” he cut her off. “I can help you.”
            “How?” she asked.
            “I know what you are,” he said. He extended his hand out. “Let me help you.” The girl looked at his hand then back into his eyes. “I won’t bite,” he smiled.
            The girl smiled back then took his hand; Daniel pulled her up slowly. She looked up and sighed.
            “You’re beautiful,” she breathed.  He chuckled softly and caressed her face.
            “So are you,” he said. “A beautiful lone wolf in a world full of vampires.”
            “V-vampires,” she repeated. He smiled again, exposing his long canine teeth and nodded. “But Devin said that I would be safe…if…if I came here,” she explained.
            “You will be safe,” Daniel replied. “Safe from the world that you once knew and the new world you have been brought into.”
            A single tear slid down the girl’s cheek and she shook her head.
            “But you said that you could help me.”
            “I can and I will, little wolf.”

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