Thursday, November 17, 2011

#5: Drunk (Poetry)

I drink the life of others.
            It energizes me.
            I don’t need it to survive…
            It’s pure delight…
            Once I sink my teeth in and that warm liquid fills my mouth.
            I am taken to a whole new place.
            Everything moves in slow motion…
            And everything is sweet.
            As I hear their heartbeats fade…I can hear church bells ringing in my ear.
            Can I have another?
            Make it a double.
            Trust me, I can take it.
            It’s a high for me.
            A euphoria that takes over me.
            This is richer than Baileys.
            More robust than Merlot.
            I love it hot…
            And if I’m desperate then room temperature will do.
            Just a taste of it and I come alive.
            I am invincible…
            Ready to take the world on.
            Just another shot.
            Yes, I can drive.
            I can say no anytime I want.
            But I won’t.
            It’s just too good.
            I never could…
            I never can…
            I’m going to need a driver.
            This blood is just too damn good.

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