Thursday, November 17, 2011

#4: Spike City

          I walked the damp streets, two minutes after midnight. The city always seemed to come alive after the sunset. And when the pencil pushers were safe in their million dollar mansions, dreaming of ways to make even more money, the lower classes and I were on the hunt.
            It was like a whole new world emerged; the pimps were releasing their women like prized cattle and when the cattle strolled, men flocked to them, looking for a good time but the temporary joy only left deep scars. The dealers were posted at every streetlight, promoting your drug of choice. Meth, X, Acid, PCP, you name it, them boys had it.
            And the junkies, they came from the darkest corners to the dimmest lights. Their faces aged by drugs, not life experience. Their eyes lacked the luster that life had once offered them. They would do anything for that next high and I mean anything.
            So where do I fit in? Am I a pencil pusher? No, but I do work hard and money is not my motive. Am I pimp? I’m afraid not, but I have learned much from watching them manage their…employees. Maybe I’m the hooker at the dive bar….Nope. I could never be a slave to money and sex should never be used as a weapon. A junkie? Sorry, I value my life and could not trade it all for a hit of blow.
            Who I am then? I am a lone creature; a woman born into a world of chaos, deception and death. I was sent to Spike City to relieve the pains of the human race. You could call me an angel of death or you could simply call me a vampire…
            These people don’t fear me, because they do not know me, I am not a threat. They let me into their world, share their sins with me and finally, give me the life that they waste. It’s a beautiful disaster, taking their lives and releasing the pains, the ghosts and demons that they have tried so long to suppress.
            Each drop of blood that I take, is a life saved from the torment of this tainted world, this damaged city.
            Maybe I am an angel of death….but you can call me Skye.
            Welcome to Spike City.

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