Thursday, November 17, 2011

#6: Imperial Sin- Character Development of Calvin Reese

      I pulled into my personalized parking space in front of the gym, my gym, Imperial Fitness, my first love. Climbing out of the pearl white Escalade, I took a moment to myself. The early sun hit my face softly and the blue sky was cloudless.
            It was another beautiful day.
            The parking lot was pretty packed, just the way I liked it and I could see some of my regulars hitting the treadmills and stationary bikes hard. I walked through the double glass doors and was greeted by Vicki, my receptionist.
            “Morning, Mr. Reese,” she grinned, standing to attention at my arrival. I smiled at her, eyeing her gym attire for the day, a yellow lycra tank top, black lyrca bike shorts and her black hair tied back in a high ponytail. I kept her at the front for the men and she brought in the female clients too. She was a double threat.
            “Hey Vick. Another full house, I see.”
            “Oh yes,” she replied. She glanced at a computer then looked at me. “We had over sixty people in here by eight a.m.,” she explained.
            “Not bad at all. Any new memberships?”
            “Four,” she said. “I signed up two people and Jay signed up two as well.”
            “Jay’s here?” I asked, trying to suppress my eagerness.
            “He’s making a call in your office,” she said.
            “Thanks. I better see what’s up.” I tapped the counter and gave her another smile before walking away.
            My heart raced as I neared closer to my door; I could hear Jay’s baritone voice talking to someone on the phone.
            “You are foolish to ever think that he truly loved you…”
            I opened the door and his dark brown eyes burned into mine. Quickly, he hung up the phone, looked me over not once but twice then advanced to me.
            “You’re late,” he said.
            “I had breakfast with Kat,” I replied. He rolled his eyes then walked to me.
            “Hmm. Well, I hope you saved some room for me,” he grinned, pushing himself against me. His hands grazed my chest then caressed my abs. My manhood stiffened when he lips brushed against my neck. He was my sweetest sin. 

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