Thursday, November 17, 2011

#8: Bull@#$%- Character Development of Taylor Lipton


           It was 5 a.m. when I heard my cell phone vibrate atop my cherry wood nightstand. Jodeci’s “You And I,” blared out of my Android phone and an image of Calvin’s chiseled face filled the large LCD screen. I quickly sat up and answered the phone.
            “This a pleasant surprise,” I grinned.
            “Did I wake you?” His deep voice was smooth and filled with anticipation. I squinted at my alarm clock then decided to answer.
            “No, I was up. What’s going on?”
            “Can I come over?” The smoothness of his voice was replaced with a sudden giddiness than made me smile.
            “Sure. I was just about to grab a cup of coffee and look at some floor plans for the new hotel I’m working on,” I explained. “I could use the company.”
            “Good. Give me twenty minutes,” he said quickly.
            “And what will the wife say?” I sang into the phone.
            “She’s in New York. She’s catering three weddings this weekend.”
            “And the kids,” I asked.
            “At my mother’s. Trust me,” he chuckled. “No one will miss me.”
            “What about your other wife,” I questioned. The silence instantly created a brick wall, Calvin cleared his throat. “You’re at his place aren’t you?”
            “Outside so he doesn’t hear you?”
            “Yes,” he sighed.
            “Why do you waste your time, Calvin?”
            “Taylor, I told you…” he stopped and I started.
            “I know what you told me and I think it’s bullshit. You don’t owe him a thing. So you two fucked in high school! That doesn’t mean that you two need to be sweethearts for life,” I explained. “I told you what I can do for you…your life and even your little fitness center. I’m trying to give you a world…What can a gay accountant give you?”
            Another sigh passed through the phone and I laughed.
            “What?” Calvin quizzed.
            “Nothing. Be here in fifteen minutes or I’m telling Neil ‘no visitors’.”
            “I’ll be there in ten.”
            “Okay. I’ll see you.”
            “Yeah, Calvin?”
            “I love you…” It was my turn to be silent. My heart’s tempo picked up and my mouth went dry.
            “Yeah,  I love you too.” I said then ended the phone call.

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