Thursday, November 17, 2011

#1: Dangerous


       The rain falls hard and my heart is beating slowly. Somewhere, I hear a woman scream, again and again she screams and it brings tears to my eyes. Upon instinct, I reach to wipe my eyes but my hands…they are tied down. Suddenly, my heart beat quickens and the calm that woke me is replaced with panic.
            My mouth is dry but there is a salty residue on my cracked lips. Where am I? I glance down at my bound hands, to see what has me captive. Thick ropes are wrapped around my wrist maybe three times total. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out. My throat feels like fresh sandpaper and a numbing sensation fills my shoulder.
            Where am I? What’s happened to me? Who did this to me? Again, I open my mouth to cry for help but a hoarse yelp comes out. I can taste the blood in my throat. Something is wrong. My eyes scan the room that I am in. It’s well lit with a California King bed made to almost military standards with an amber toned comforter. The walls were painted in a khaki color and decorated with a series of black and white portraits. I strained my eyes to focus in on of the portraits; all I could make out was a man and a woman.
            I returned my attention to my imprisonment, the ropes were thick but they seemed to have some give, being that they were made from silk. Real silk. Whoever was keeping me in the room had plans for me. Another scream echoed in the halls and I opened my mouth again to respond to the cries for help.
            “H…Hel…HELP.” I cried. Footsteps passed the door and I screamed again. “Help me, please! Someone please, get me out of here!”
            The footsteps returned and stopped in front of my door. I pursed my lips together and held my breath as I watched the brass doorknob turn. The door opened slowly but no figure stepped into view.
            After a brief second, a figure appeared in the doorway. He was tall with an athletic build that was evident under his tailored leather jacket and loose black dress slacks.
            “You’re awake,” he said to me and smiled. His bottom lip was plump and pink and when he smiled at me, a chill covered my body. “Good.” He closed the door behind him then walked toward me.
            In the light, I was able to get a better look at his strong features. He had a firm jawline with eyes the color of wet sand; his hair was cut low with lines as sharp as a razor’s edge. He was a breath taking sight, if only he wasn’t potentially dangerous.

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