Thursday, November 17, 2011

#3: Blood (Part 2 of Dangerous)


             I could smell his cologne as he neared closer to me; he had expensive taste from what I could sense of the rich blend of spicy leaves, sandlewood and a touch of vanilla. If I didn’t fear for my life I would have lingered in that moment a little longer. His face was just mere inches from mine when he spoke to me.
            “So beautiful,” he sighed. “I told Ryan it was a mistake to let you go live with the…humans.” His beautiful face shifted when he said the last words; his brow ruffled and the left corner of his mouth curled. “We should have kept you here longer for more observations.” He glanced down at my hands then looked at me again. “For safety precautions,” he said as if reading my mind. “Do you need something to drink?”
            I nodded my head quickly, parted my lips but he placed a thick finger to them and shook his head.
            “Please, save your energy. You will need it,” he said with a smile. He turned away from me and walked over to a corner of the room.
            In my frantic scan of the room, I failed to notice a small bar to the right of me. His large frame shielded me from his activity but I tried to make out what he was doing. He grabbed a tall black bottle from what looked like a wine cooler then poured its contents into something else. A glass no doubt. He turned to me and raised the glass.
            “I think this is just what you need,” he grinned then proceeded to walk to me again. “Here,” he said, delicately placing his hand under my chin, tilting my head back and pouring the contents into my mouth.
            When my tongue met the mysterious liquid, it was warm with a metallic after taste. My brain wanted to reject the drink but my body seemed to welcome it. I swallowed more of the temperate drink and the numbness I felt vanished. I finished the entire glass and he smiled like a satisfied father.
            “Good job,” he beamed. He reached out to wipe my mouth with his fingers then licked them. “Now, how do you feel?”
            Slowly, I opened my mouth to speak.
            “I…” the word came out smoothly. “I feel alright,” I said. “What was that?”
            “Has it been that long?” He chuckled.
            “What do you mean?”
            “Wow,” his chuckled turned to thunderous laughter. “You don’t even remember the taste of blood anymore?”

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